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Mammography uses low doses of X-rays to gain high-quality images of breast tissue. A mammography examination (mammogram) is the most effective tool for detecting breast cancer early in women over the age of 40.

Typically, four images are taken (two of each breast) by compressing the breast between two plates for several seconds. Patients referred for mammography at London Bridge Hospital sites must be aged 40 or over on the date of the examination.

London Bridge Hospital has two sites that offer mammography: 31 Old Broad Street (OBS) in the City, and 29 Tooley Street at London Bridge Hospital (LBH). As a diagnostic centre we offer One-Stop Breast clinics at LBH and OBS. We can also provide triple assessment and results on the same evening.

Digital mammography at London Bridge Hospital

Both sites use newer digital technology instead of an analogue film screen combination. Instead of an image being processed onto film, digital mammography takes an electronic image and stores it onto a computer.

Digital mammography is significantly better than film mammography for screening women either under the age of 50, with very dense breasts, or for pre or perimenopausal women of any age.

Why use mammography at London Bridge Hospital

  • Concerns about breast cancer can be incredibly worrying, so we aim to get patients in to see a consultant and undergo diagnosis as soon as possible. We strive for same or next day appointments, and provide results quickly.
  • We work with top consultants and radiographers from teaching hospitals across London, meaning you have access to leading experts in their field when undergoing diagnosis and treatment.
  • Cutting-edge, digital imaging technology allows us to make clearer, faster and more accurate diagnoses.
  • Our patient care at London Bridge Hospital is tailored to specific needs, based on the individual requirements of you, the patient.
  • Our more responsive services allow us to make faster diagnosis and earlier treatment, which equates to a more favourable outcome for you.

For general enquiries about our mammography services at London Bridge Hospital Outpatients, call 020 3131 8418. Or to book an appointment call 020 3733 0216 or email us.

Further information on the One Stop Breast Clinic is available on the LBH Breast Clinic website.

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