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Our Pharmacy Department at London Bridge Hospital Outpatients supports the safe and effective use of medicines for all of our patients. We have pharmacies located at both the main hospital facility and The Shard.

We provide the following services:

  • Providing medicines for patients admitted to the hospital and medicines for discharge, and those prescribed during outpatient visits.
  • Clinical pharmacy services – our specialist pharmacists work closely with medical and nursing staff on the ward. Their responsibilities include:
    • The review of medicines to ensure patients are receiving the safest and most appropriate medication for their needs.
    • Provision of medicines, information and advice.
    • Identification and management of complex pharmaceutical needs for patients.
    • Ensuring cost-effective prescribing practices.
  • The preparation of specialist anti-cancer medicines in a sterile environment.

How the London Bridge Hospital pharmacy can help you

  • Highly qualified consultants and pharmacists can advise on any issues you may have with your medication.
  • We provide access to the latest advances in treatment, including medicines and specialised anti-cancer treatments.
  • The clinical pharmacy services work with other departments to provide medicines designed to better facilitate treatment and recovery.

This service can be found at the following facilities: