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Shoulder Treatments

At London Bridge Hospital Outpatients we provide a number of surgeries for the rapid diagnosis and treatment of painful shoulder disorders, shoulder injuries and fractures.

We provide access to specialist shoulder surgeons and diagnostic procedures, including X-ray, MRI and ultrasound scans, which we can arrange quickly and conveniently.

The shoulder treatments we provide include:

Arthroscopic decompression

This procedure aims to remove excess bone, which impedes the tendon in the shoulder (known as the rotator cuff). This decompresses the tendon relieving pain and improving movement.

Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

Repairing a torn rotator cuff can require arthroscopic or keyhole surgery. If the tendon has a large tear, the repair can require a mini-open incision and treatment using augmentation via a tendon graft.

Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation

This treatment is intended to restore stability to a shoulder with recurring dislocation and instability.

Following assessment, a number of options will be discussed with the patient. This can include arthroscopic treatment to repair a torn labrum. In the even that there is too much bone loss or tissue weakness, an open stabilisation may be recommended.

Shoulder replacement

In the event that shoulder pain caused by arthritis is not responding to physiotherapy or localised injections, a shoulder replacement can be offered. A surface replacement can be carried out to minimise bone loss and increase recovery time. Sometimes total shoulder replacement or a reverse prosthesis is required.

Shoulder physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is available for patients to help maximise the effectiveness of treatments. At London Bridge Hospital Outpatients we have links to specialised shoulder and sports medicine physiotherapists. We are also able to advise on continuing treatment with your own physiotherapist.

How can the shoulder specialists at London Bridge Hospital Outpatients help

  • Alleviating pain and getting back to normal physical activity is a key focus of patients who make use of our orthopaedic services. To help facilitate this we aim to provide our patients with same and next day appointments. This helps us to make a diagnosis quickly and move on to treatment and recovery much sooner.
  • At London Bridge Hospital Outpatients we have access to top orthopaedic consultants from across the capital’s leading teaching hospitals.
  • We use the latest advances in diagnostic and treatment technology, helping our specialists to improve the effectiveness of the services we provide for all our patients.
  • The care we provide for patients is tailored to specific needs, from individual requirements during treatment through to long-term goals for rehabilitation.
  • Through our consultants, technology and access to treatment we aim to deliver the best results possible for our patients.

To learn more about the specialist shoulder services we offer at London Bridge Hospital Outpatients or our other orthopaedic services, please call 02035 532 749 or email If you would like to book an appointment with one of our consultants, call 020 7234 2009.