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Women’s Health & Gynaecology

Gynaecology is a medical area that covers functions and conditions specific to women’s health.

From routine cervical smears to diagnostic tests and minimal-access procedures, we offer gynaecology and women’s health as a key speciality at London Bridge Hospital Outpatients. Conditions we cover include:

  • Abnormal cervical smears
  • Abnormally-shaped wombs, which can cause miscarriages
  • Endometrial cancer – a malignant growth in the lining of the womb
  • Endometriosis – a condition where tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb is found outside it
  • Fibroids – an overgrowth of the womb’s muscle
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Polyps – small skin tags

Gynaecology procedures and treatments we provide

As well as dealing with general gynaecological problems, the London Bridge Hospital Gynaecology facility is equipped to provide a full range of diagnostic services.

Procedures we use to examine and treat conditions related to women’s health:


This procedure involves examining the inside of the womb using a small telescope, called a hysteroscope. It’s common for a biopsy to be performed at the same time, which involves removing a small piece of the lining of the womb.

A hysteroscopy is usually carried out if a patient experiences abnormal bleeding. It can also diagnose conditions such as fibroids, polyps and endometrial cancer, and detect an abnormally-shaped womb.


This involves using a bright light and microscope to look at a patient’s cervix. The preparation is the same as for a cervical smear.

A colposcopy is used to detect abnormal cervical cells. If your gynecologist identifies any abnormalities, they will take a biopsy to analyse the tissue further.

Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone (LLETZ)

A LLETZ is a minor procedure that can be carried out at the same time as a colposcopy. It involves using a thin wire loop that's heated with an electric current to remove abnormal cells in the cervix.

The aim of the procedure, which only takes a few minutes, is to remove the area of cells that are abnormal, so that they can be looked at under a microscope for further investigation. Follow-up procedures might be required to ensure a patient has healed well and there is no reoccurrence of abnormal cell growth.

Ovarian cancer screening programme

We were the first facility in London to offer a formal screening service for ovarian cancer, designed to detect the illness at an early and treatable stage.

Ovarian cancer is often discovered when it has reached an advanced stage, because there are no reliable early symptoms – of the 7,000 cases reported each year, 6,000 are untreatable. However, if ovarian cancer is detected early there’s a 90% success rate.

Fertility Treatment

For patients who may be struggling to get pregnant, we offer a range of fertility treatments through The Lister Fertility Clinic. For further information on fertility treatment, please visit The Lister Fertility Clinic website.

Why choose our Gynecology and Women’s Health facilities?

World-class gynaecologists – The consultants at London Bridge Hospital are leaders in gynecology. Highly skilled and experienced from London’s top teaching hospitals, they can diagnose and treat many conditions related to women’s health.

High-end gynaecology technology – We use the latest high-end technology at our gynecology facility, selected to assist our consultants in giving women the best healthcare, from examinations and diagnosis to treatment and recovery.

Rapid access and effective treatment – We aim to provide all women that use our gynecology facilities with appointments on the same day or next day, and deliver rapid results after examinations are conducted. When treatment is needed, we strive to ensure the procedures we use are always efficient and effective.

Exceptional quality of care – When using our gynaecology facility, the skilled team at London Bridge Hospital work hard to make sure patients receive exceptional care during their time with us, care which is tailored to their specific needs and recovery plan.

Working to the best outcome – Whether a patient needs a smear test conducting, wants to use our screening service, or requires treatment for a worrying health problem, when using our gynaecology facility our key aim is to provide the best possible outcome, so they leave our centre not just healthy, but with peace of mind too.

If you’d like to find out more about the gynaecology facilities we provide at London Bridge Hospital Outpatients, or if you’d like to book an appointment with our qualified team, call 020 7234 2009 or request an appointment online.


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